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Arbitrage Trading

Earn more with this cryptocurrency arbitrage software that will automate profit maximization for traders when there is huge price gap between exchanges.

A single-click feature that shows exactly how much you will earn following short or long arbitrage path.

cryptocurrency arbitrage opportuninities on multiple exchanges
crypto trading software having multiple trading and arbitrage features

Crypto Trading Software

Trade cryptocurrencies on over 60+ exchanges. Quickly monitor all crypto markets and analyze arbitrage opportunities. Manage all your orders, view your positions and manage your balance all through one interface.

Profit by exploiting price difference across more than 60 exchanges. With support for single pair arbitrage and triangular arbitrage.

Realtime Newsfeed

Get real-time cryptocurrency news from over 500+ crypto news sources and over 2000+ mainstream news sources within minutes of publishing. Understand news trends and global sentiment through a simple easy-to-use interface.

crypto news aggregator involving news from 300+ genuine sources
easily manage your multiple crypto assets with this portfolio manager

Portfolio & Risk Management

Manage and track your cryptocurrency portfolio. Keeping track of your crypto on multiple exchanges is always a pain. Keep track of all your funds in one place. Easily import your funds from multiple exchanges and have them stored in an in-built wallet.

Track ICOs & STOs

Easily track top trending and best ICO(initial coin offerings) & STO(security token offering). A pool of ICOs ranked on their social credibility. View and review ratings from multiple ICO listing sites and track social media engagement across Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

Track all ICOs and STOs and find the most legit ones
Mining pools and hashrates for multiple coins

Track Mining Activity & Pools

Get insights about hashrates for the different coins all and the distribution of hashpower easily in just one place.

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Access extensive research data, news, analytics, and research papers you need to keep a tab on the market. 

Make trading decisions based on information exclusively available to high-profile traders.



100% encrypted. 100% secure. We never store your funds, and you always have full control.

We value security and our users and never store any trading data. 

Your API keys are never synced with our servers. They are saved locally in this machine only


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