CryptoCurrency Algo-trading

Execute advanced orders across 100+ crypto exchanges. Create Stop Losses, Take Profits, Trailing Stops, & more…

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Execute Advanced Orders

across 60+ exchanges. Create stop-loss, take-profit, trailing-profit and more advanced orders for exchanges that don't support these kinds of orders.

Host your own secure trading cloud

Code for the trading cloud is open-source. Which means you can easily host your own trading cloud and never have to sync your API keys to us or any 3rd party.

HFT, AI & Quant Trading

with support for HFT (High Frequency Trading), AI bots & Quant trading coming soon; you'll never have to leave the terminal to create and execute advanced trading algorithims.

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The CryptoCurrency Trading Cloud is available to CryptoControl Terminal Users & will launch on April 2019. 

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