CryptoCurrency Portfolio Management

Manage your crypto portfolio and get insights about your portfolio growth with the CryptoControl Trading Terminal. 

Why track your Portfolio?

Keeping track of your crypto on multiple exchanges is always a pain.

Keeping track of your portfolio, lets you track back on your progress and gives you insights about what assets earn you dividends over the long haul. 

With the CryptoControl Trading Terminal, you can not only keep a track of your portfolio, but also visualize your portfolio within seconds. 

The CryptoControl Trading Terminal’s Portfolio Management tool is bundled with multiple features. Scroll down to see what’s in store. 

Add coins to your portfolio

Easily add assets to your portfolio from multiple exchanges with a single click.

Easily import your funds from multiple exchanges and have them stored in an in-built wallet. See the Gain in $$$ and %%% in a matter multi-seconds.

Track growth with Portfolio charts

Easily visualize your portfolio value using this portfolio chart.

Realize your best performing assets and get insights regarding your portfolio.

Get Access to the Portfolio tool now

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